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Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

There are two basic considerations to decide if you need a Commercial Auto Policy (CA) vs a Personal Auto Policy (PA): How is the Vehicle to be Used?   As an example, you own a van; the question is, do you drive that van for business purposes? A van used to haul merchandise for a […]

Commercial Auto Myths: Debunked

Business owners of all types utilize vehicles for commercial services. Whether you own a delivery company, commute regularly between clients, have one commercial vehicle or a fleet, you need the right Commercial Auto Insurance policy. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding commercial auto coverage, and many believe it’s a one-size-fits-all policy. This couldn’t be further […]

How to Buy Motorcycle Insurance

Few things are better than flying down a highway behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. To protect both you and your bike, you need a motorcycle insurance policy. Finding the right one for you, however, can seem challenging. It doesn’t have to be difficult. By working with an experienced agency, such as Preferred Insurance, you […]

Minimizing Accidents in Transportation Fleets

The trucking and transportation industry is the backbone of our country, delivering goods throughout the nation each day. Spending so much time on the road, however, inevitably increases the risk of accidents. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the accident prevention and risk management strategies that transportation businesses can take […]

How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact the Transportation Industry

Is the transportation industry really threatened by the continued development of artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace, and big changes could be coming. Artificial intelligence is expected to make a significant impact in many professions in the coming year, with transportation being one of the industries with the greatest opportunity for […]

Risk Management Techniques for Commercial Fleets

It is crucial for a transportation business to stay informed on risk management techniques.  Managing risks is an important proactive measure for commercial fleets. Owning commercial vehicles requires you to purchase commercial auto insurance, but that doesn’t prevent accidents. Reduce the risk to your business by implementing a substantial risk management system. Establishing and enforcing […]