Risk Management Techniques for Commercial Fleets

It is crucial for a transportation business to stay informed on risk management techniques.  Managing risks is an important proactive measure for commercial fleets. Owning commercial vehicles requires you to purchase commercial auto insurance, but that doesn’t prevent accidents. Reduce the risk to your business by implementing a substantial risk management system. Establishing and enforcing these specific policies will greatly assist in keeping your employees safe and helping your business live up to its potential.

Daily Driving

You should insist that your employees follow the law no matter what when they are driving company vehicles. This will strongly help prevent injuries and deaths from accidents on the road. There is no excuse for not wearing a seat belt, so this should be a stern regular rule. There should also be no tolerance for any intoxicated driving. Even one drink can dramatically impair the driver’s response time and directly impact the outcome. Any intoxicants whatsoever should be strictly forbidden prior to using professional vehicles.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents. Make it extremely clear that you expect zero phone use while on the job. Cellphone use while driving is illegal in certain states, but regardless of the law there should be absolutely no phone use, taking calls or texting while operating the vehicle.

Vehicle Guidelines

There should be a limit on vehicle use for non-business-related driving. Depending on the type of work your business does, it may make sense to allow some personal travel, but generally speaking you should try to keep it work-related as much as possible. This is even a good policy for the business owner to adhere to themselves to keep things professional and running smoothly.

Be careful with scheduling. Be sure to never over-schedule so you can allow for sufficient time to travel between destinations. Encourage employees to slow down and drive at a steady, relaxed, yet efficient pace. This will reduce the chance of accidents and reduce the cost of fuel.

Remind drivers that they should always lock and secure fleet when on the job. A parked vehicle should always be in a well-lit, well-populated location.

Employee Practices

It is a good idea to be informed of each of your employees’ driving history. Check their driving record and let employees know they are required to disclose any accidents off the job as well.

Take note if an employee seems to have a bad temper. This is directly related to accidents on the road.

Be sure to provide sufficient driving training no matter the experience level of the driver. Key safety practices and techniques should be covered.

Reward your safe drivers or departments for accident-free periods. It is be beneficial for you in the long run to establish a program to recognize the good workers, as it will make them feel appreciated and motivate them to continue to exhibit good driving habits.

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