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Since 2013, Preferred Insurance has been helping customers get the coverage they need for their vehicles. We invite you to learn more about us, and make Preferred your agency of choice.

What’s Covered Under Auto Insurance?

At Preferred, we know that not all policies are created equal. And while you may be tempted to buy the lowest-priced Auto insurance policy in the market, this could end up costing you untold amounts of money in the long run. Let us help you find the right policy at the right price. We’ll provide you with a policy that includes:


  • Liability Insurance: While you need to meet Texas’ minimum liability insurance requirements, we will look to go beyond those levels to provide you the full protection you need if you cause an accident that results in serious injuries, death, or costly damage to a high-value vehicle or multiple automobiles. We also provide medical and other expenses for your passengers or other victims.
  • Coverage for your vehicle: Your vehicle can also be covered for damage from both collision and non-collision events. Collision coverage is one of the options you have on a car insurance policy to pay for damage to your car regardless of fault, minus your deductible. Comprehensive is another option, and will cover damage from things like falling tree limbs or flying road debris.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists: It’s possible that someone who doesn’t carry enough or any insurance will be at fault in an accident that harms you or your vehicle. In that case, Uninsured Motorists insurance/ Underinsured Motorists insurance would respond.
  • Special Considerations: Preferred also offers customizable policies that can be tailored to your needs. We can cover towing costs, rental car costs while your car or your victim’s car is in the shop. We can also provide coverage for technology equipment in your car. If you are driving in Mexico, we also offer special coverage to protect you while there.


What’s Covered by Motorcycle Insurance?

Preferred offers Motorcycle insurance that meets all state mandates, but we also go further for your protection, providing an array of excellent coverages that protect you against a wide variety of accident-related costs:


  • Liability Coverage: Motorcycle Liability insurance covers your responsibility for injuries to others and damage to their property. It can pay their medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to an accident you cause. It also covers injuries to passengers on your motorcycle when you are at fault with Medical Payments coverage.
  • Collision and Comprehensive: In addition to Motorcycle Liability insurance that covers your legal defense and monetary settlements and judgments for accidents you cause, we offer broad Motorcycle Property coverage. If your bike is damaged in an accident that is your fault, your property damage liability coverage will pay for the other party’s losses but not yours. For repairs to your motorcycle, you will need Collision insurance. This coverage can even cover customizations, depending on the policy you choose. In a case of theft, vandalism, damage from flying debris or a number of other non-collision events, you will need Comprehensive coverage.
  • Personalize your Policy: With Preferred’s personalized attention, you can construct a Motorcycle insurance policy tailored to your needs. You Can get accessory coverage to cover repairs or replacement of helmets, safety jackets, and customized equipment; insure to an agreed value; include emergency roadside assistance; and add sidecars and other drivers.

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