Residents throughout Texas love to enjoy the outdoors. When it gets warm, it’s time to cruise or sail around our waters with family and friends. Those who love to the feel of the open road, travel cross-state or cross-country in their RVs. Whatever your pleasure, Preferred Insurance is here to provide the insurance protection you need to continue enjoying your watercraft or RV.

Coverage for On & Off the Water

At Preferred, we insure all types of boats – from fishing boats to sailboats, speedboats, pontoons, houseboats and more. We will also insure personal watercraft of many different types. Our Boat policies will provide Property coverage to cover hull, sails, built-in equipment and furnishings, salvage expenses, towing, collision damage to your boat from an accident you cause, fishing or other special equipment aboard or while being carried on or off the watercraft, roadside assistance even for your tow vehicle, and more. We also work with some insurers that offer additional enhancements to cover damage from corroded through-hull fittings or other wear and tear that went undiscovered until it was too late.

We provide Liability insurance that covers damage you do to someone else’s property or boat-related injuries you cause, as well as broader coverage for bodily injury to your boat’s occupants and others who might be injured by you outside your boat. Our Liability policies cover your legal defense if you are sued over a boating incident, and they can help pay for monetary settlements or judgments against you. Some of our insurer partners offer fuel-spill coverage, as well. If you are in an accident with an uninsured boater/underinsured boater, we can provide coverage for compensatory damages for bodily injury you’re legally entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured watercraft.

Many of our insurer partners offer discounts based on safety and multiple policies.

Covering Your RV

Our RV insurance policy offers coverage wherever your recreational vehicle goes—be that the open road, your home, a campsite or a location outside of Texas in the U.S. You’ll be covered for both Property and Liability insurance. Property coverage can apply to your contents, emergency expenses you encounter while traveling, your hitch package, awnings, and more. You can also opt for a replacement RV if yours is involved in a total loss.

You are covered for many perils, including fire, theft, collision, vandalism, and animal destruction, among others. The Liability portion of the policy will provide for legal defense costs and monetary settlements or awards if you are alleged to be responsible for injuries to someone or damage to their property.

Preferred can help you find affordable coverage no matter the age of your RV. We have policies for many classes and styles, including motor homes and towed trailers.

Make Preferred Your Insurance Choice

The hallmarks of our success are our integrity, ethics, reliability and the value we place on our clients. We invite to learn more about us, and make Preferred your agency of choice. Give us a call at 888-943-5144 or email us at