At Preferred Insurance, we want to see our clients fully protected in the event of a lawsuit and other liability claims. That’s why we recommend Personal Umbrella insurance to clients throughout Texas. Even with proper liability limits on an Auto or Home insurance policy, a catastrophic injury or accident can be devastating if higher limits are not available as with Umbrella insurance.

Why Get Umbrella Insurance?

Certain individuals and households have a higher liability risk than others. You may have a swimming pool, trampoline, certain breeds of dog, or teen drivers who tend to have liability risks that exceed the ordinary. If you own a boat, host parties, or own guns, you should also consider a Personal Umbrella policy.

In addition, the high cost of medical treatment and automobiles are enough to make one stop and think about how much a bad accident could run. Would your Auto insurance cover the total loss of a $100,000 car and injuries to its occupants? How about a drowning or permanent disability from an accident in your swimming pool or on your boat? You can imagine how quickly your Liability coverage could get eaten up by legal bills and restitution.

Policies an Umbrella Supports

Umbrella insurance extends over your other primary policies, including Homeowners insurance, Auto insurance, Boat insurance, RV insurance and more. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have $200,000 in policy limits with your Auto policy. An accident involving your vehicle causes injuries to the driver and the passengers in the other car. You end up being legally liable for $500,000. A $1 million Personal Umbrella will step in and pay the difference after the limits on your Auto insurance are exhausted. In essence, with Umbrella insurance you have $1.2 million of liability limits available.

We will review your insurance program, including the limits on your underlying policies, and explain how Umbrella insurance can help augment your coverage and prevent you from having to dig into your assets.

Make Preferred Your Insurance Choice

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