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How Artificial Intelligence Could Impact the Transportation Industry

Is the transportation industry really threatened by the continued development of artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is advancing at a rapid pace, and big changes could be coming. Artificial intelligence is expected to make a significant impact in many professions in the coming year, with transportation being one of the industries with the greatest opportunity for change.

The Future of Road Transportation

Autonomous driving is officially here and will only continue to grow. This will tremendously impact the 8.7 million employed in the U.S. truck driving industry. Artificial intelligence provides advanced data and predictive analysis that directly relates to route optimization. The autonomous trucks are able to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and stay at a consistent speed.  It would be beneficial for those involved in the trucking industry to prepare for this new way of product delivery.  Business owners may want to start re-planning their business models.

Einride is a new Swedish transportation company which is self-proclaimed as the “next generation’s road transport”. They created a model of a self-driving truck without a cab; therefore able to be fully controlled by a remote, or even perform without any human intervention.

10 million self-driving vehicles are expected to be on the road by year 2020.

Talk About Taking Flight

A potential drone air taxi was recently tested by a company named Volocopter. Dubai’s new flying vehicle launched a five minute flight for their prince. Their two seater model has hopes of becoming a real air taxi to take people to their destinations; relative to how Uber works, yet taking to the skies and bypassing the street’s traffic.

Amazon has begun using a new delivery service called Prime Air. The aviation vehicles are able to deliver products in less than 30 minutes.

Remote-Controlled Ships on the Horizon  

Rolls-Royce recently announced to the public that they are in the midst of creating remote-controlled cargo ships. These ships would be controlled by a land- based control hub. The cargo ships will be able to transport products without any crew on board.  With no need for humans on board, ships would be operating at a much cheaper rate. Also with no people taking up space, there is room to transport more goods. Rolls-Royce is anticipating having these available for commercial use by 2020.

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