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Disaster Recovery for Business Owners

After the immense damage left by Hurricane Harvey, business owners throughout Texas and beyond are struggling to pick up the pieces. While it might be too late to secure additional flood insurance, your existing Business Owners’ Policy can held recover some of your losses. In this post, we’ll provide some insights into resources that can help you get back on your feet and continue running a lucrative business.

Flood restoration plan.

If your business is located by the Gulf Coast, it’s likely that you already have a flood recovery plan. If not, now is the time to create one. This restoration plan should identify, prevent and aim to resolve issues following a disaster.

According to Nolo, part of your plan should address what steps you will take to repair and restore your flood-damaged business before you can continue your commercial operations. Water, electricity, plumbing, gas lines, and security systems may have been damaged or destroyed during a flooding incident so be prepared to consult with appropriate utility and service companies. A flood restoration company can also help you organize your continuation efforts, such as testing and repairing commercial equipment, cleaning and drying out flooded spaces, undertaking mold remediation, and properly disposing of damaged materials and hazardous waste.

Disaster relief resources.

Government-sponsored programs might be available to you to help you recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. From financial assistance to legal and medical help, there are plenty of agencies that can help. For a list of available relief programs, click here.

Tax assistance.

Government programs created by the IRS and the state often allow businesses affected by natural disasters more time to pay and file their taxes. In addition, you might be eligible for flood-related theft and tax deductions as well as quick claim payouts.

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