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Deducting Losses After a Disaster

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As part of our article series on disaster recovery, we’ve shared some insights regarding how to get your business back to normal operation, which includes creating a response plan. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, business owners throughout the nation are struggling to put their lives back together. However, the IRS and some governmental programs are available for victims of these natural disasters. Taking advantage of these, while also using your existing Business Owners’ Policy can provide some financial relief.

Casualty loss.

If you suffered property damage or loss as a result of the recent hurricanes, you may be eligible to deduct losses. This rule also applies to theft, fire, vandalism, tornadoes and floods.

When to deduct.

As a general rule, you must deduct a casualty loss in the year it occurred. However, if you have a loss from a federally-declared disaster area, you may have a choice of when to deduct the loss. You can choose to deduct the loss on your return for the year the loss occurred or on an amended return for the immediately preceding tax year. Claiming a disaster loss on the prior year’s return may result in a lower tax for that year, often producing a refund, says the IRS.

Evaluate how much to deduct.

Calculating your loss is done by identifying how much the property was purchased for, determining the fair market value before and after the tragedy, and calculating how much insurance money you’ll receive to assist with the damage.

There are also plenty of disaster relief resources for you to inquire about, as well. The full list is provided here.

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