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Moving Companies: Boosting Sales from Quality Service

Moving day is one of the most stressful times for any family. Uprooting their lives and allowing perfect strangers to handle all their belongings can undoubtedly cause anxiety. However, moving companies can demonstrate their worth by upholding superior customer service, putting their clients at ease, and exceeding their moving standards. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most significant ways that these professionals can boost their business through quality customer service. Before reading on, protect your moving operation with a Household Good Mover Insurance policy.

Discuss potential issues up front.

The last thing a family needs it to be blindsided by a huge price increase or bad news about their personal belongings. Address the customer’s expectations and your ability to deliver from the start so that there aren’t any surprises. This will save you a headache and a potential costly lawsuit later on.

Encourage open communication.

The worst customer problem a company can have is a breakdown in communication. The customer will likely walk away thinking, “They don’t understand me,” or, “They aren’t listening to what I’m saying.” In the moving business, a broken lamp is easy to fix or replace. It’s the same for any basic mistake such as an incorrect invoice, an incomplete order, or other error. But the relationship between two people is not quite as easy to fix when there is a misunderstanding, says Forbes. Remember, a remedy for a situation might just be a simple fix, but without proper communication, these issues can become convoluted and more severe.

Dress appropriately.

Just because you own a moving company doesn’t mean you should show up to the client’s home disheveled. A freshly washed, clean-cut uniform is a simple way to create professionalism within your crew.

Go the extra mile.

Whether you can complete the move under budget, move their items faster than originally anticipated, or you provide 24/7 customer support, going the extra mile will never go unnoticed by your clients.

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