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Tow Truck Customer Service Tips

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In our last post, we covered some of the basics for ensuring your tow truck company is a lucrative one. The first step in increasing profitability is to ensure your customers are taken care of, respecting their situation, and offering quality service. In this article, we’ll cover some of the pro tips for promoting quality customer service, given straight from the experts. Even more importantly, address your insurance needs with a customized Tow Truck Liability Insurance policy.

Prioritize the customer’s safety.

A tow truck operator is trained to take care of themselves and their equipment while on the job. However, what about the customer’s safety? Call them ahead of time to give them your estimated time arrival and ensure they are in a safe location. If their car has died in the middle of the road, advise them to seek a safer location while they await the tow truck’s arrival.

For example, Prodromos, who has 8 years of experience working in the industry, has always prioritized safety above all else.

“If it’s an accident, I always ask if they are ok or if they need an ambulance. I try to answer them in a calm way when they ask me questions. I never try to scare them with prices and explain what everything will cost before completing the job. I then explain to them how they would pay and make sure that they are comfortable with the prices,” he explains to Honk for Help.


Naturally, a customer whose car has stopped working or has been in an accident and needs tow assistance is going to be stressed out. Do your best to empathize with them, respect their situation, and always be polite.


Explain what your plan is and what needs to be done ahead of time. This way, customers can rest with some peace of mind knowing what’s in store for them and how they’ll go about the repairs. https://www.youtube.com/embed/Aa9VMvpT5z0

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