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Do You Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

There are two basic considerations to decide if you need a Commercial Auto Policy (CA) vs a Personal Auto Policy (PA): How is the Vehicle to be Used?   As an example, you own a van; the question is, do you drive that van for business purposes? A van used to haul merchandise for a […]

What Does A Business Owners Policy Cover?

A Business Owners’ Policy is one of the most basic forms of business insurance and comes standard in most business policies. If you’re a business owner, you probably have this coverage. But what exactly does it cover? Each policy from various insurance carriers will differ in terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations. Below is a […]

What are the Benefits of Workers’ Compensation?

Imagine showing up for work one day; you perform your daily duties with nothing seeming out of the ordinary, at least until a coworker reaches for something on a nearby shelf causing many other items to fall onto your feet resulting in a few bone fractures. Assuming you didn’t wake up that morning expecting something […]

Commercial Auto Myths: Debunked

Business owners of all types utilize vehicles for commercial services. Whether you own a delivery company, commute regularly between clients, have one commercial vehicle or a fleet, you need the right Commercial Auto Insurance policy. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding commercial auto coverage, and many believe it’s a one-size-fits-all policy. This couldn’t be further […]

Common Challenges Faced by Startup Business Owners

Starting your own business is incredibly rewarding yet challenging. While small business owners will soon come face to face with unexpected hurdles, and we are here to give you the peace of mind you need with a comprehensive Business Owners’ Policy (BOP) policy. In addition, we have created a list of potential mishaps you might […]

Property Loss FAQ’s

While many people hope they never have to file a claim, the harsh reality is that property damage occurs in so many different ways. Whether it’s from a storm, vandalism, or a natural disaster, your home, business and personal property are subjected to a variety of perils. What that in mind, the right Property Insurance […]

Employment Compliance Challenges for Small Businesses

There are plenty of laws and regulations set forth by federal, state and local governments that apply to business owners. Rather than face severe penalties and even litigation, become aware of the common compliance challenges in order to reduce this risk. We have created a checklist for you to follow to make this much more […]

Recognizing and Preventing Workers’ Comp Fraud

Workers’ compensation is intended to protect the employer and the employee in the event of an on-the-job injury. While most claims are legitimate, there are a few that might raise some red flags for the employer. From exaggerating injuries to collecting benefits while working elsewhere, there are various scenarios that warrant an investigation. As we […]

Recognizing Workers’ Compensation Red Flags

As a business owner, you want to protect your employees and your bottom line. While workers’ compensation is intended to provide peace of mind, you always run the risk of someone trying to take advantage of the system. As we explore in more detail the red flags of workers’ compensation claims, ensure your operation is […]

Tips for Employee Happiness & Boosting Business

Employees are the backbone to any successful small business. But, getting the most out of your employees and keeping them happy is much easier said than done. As the best employees equate to a successful and thriving business, here are some helpful tips to motivate your team and boost business. Next, as your first line […]