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4 Questions to Ask to Discover Employee Goals

Hiring a new employee is a big decision for any small business, especially one with a limited staff. After sourcing, vetting, interviewing and hiring the perfect candidate, now is the time to get to know their personal goals – in the office and out. As we explore which questions to ask and how to establish that rapport with your new staff members, protect your operation with an Employment Practices Liability Insurance program.

Ask them what goals they have for the company.

Once you’ve hired them on, ask them what they have in mind for their vision for their role, and in turn, the company. This can give you a good gauge on where they stand, what they want to focus on, and the skills they possess.

Ask them what they want to learn.

“Employees want to be engaged. If they aren’t being tested and aren’t learning on the job, their passion and work ethic will begin to drop. Asking a new hire what they’d like to learn will help you understand how to put them in a position to learn and remain passionate about their work. It’s important to keep that dialogue going as they grow as an employee and their interests expand,” states Abhilash Patel of Recovery Brands to Small Business Trends.

Ask where they see themselves in a few years.

Granted, the employee can just give you an answer they think you want to hear. However, ask about their professional goals, the industry they’d like to pursue, and if the job skills they’ll be doing in your business can be translated to these.

Ask them what they need to be successful.

From on the job training to the right applications, budget and computers, there is no shortage of things that your new employee will need to thrive. Do your best to deliver and give your employees the resources they need to be successful. https://www.youtube.com/embed/0hWmQgDHR7g

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