Winter Home Maintenance: Mistakes to Avoid

Going hand in hand with our last post, winter maintenance should be a priority for any homeowner. Preventing freezing pipes is the first step, as it’s a costly repair but an easy thing to avoid. But, what about other winter home maintenance mistakes? In this blog, we’re going to cover some things that new and veteran homeowners might do during the winter that could lead to an expensive disaster down the line. Before you have the opportunity to make a winter maintenance mistake, protect your investment with a Home Insurance policy.

Failing to audit your energy to save on utility bills.

Bob Vila says that what you don’t know about your home’s energy efficiency could cost you: in the form of higher utility bills. Get the full picture by calling your utility providers to schedule a free or low-cost energy audit to help figure out how you might be able to improve energy efficiency and save money on energy costs. Indeed, you could save 5 percent to 30 percent by making upgrades recommended by an energy audit, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Not raking your lawn.

It might seem pointless to rake fallen leaves off of your dead lawn during the winter. However, there is still activity happening below the surface, and letting rotten leaves lie there can cause mildew growth and headaches for you come spring time.

Creating a bug den unknowingly.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you probably keep your cords of wood close to the house. Stacked wood can create a safe haven for bugs and critters that you don’t want in or around your house. Spray the wood with bug repellent and wrap your bushes with mesh so that these bugs don’t eat your landscaping without you even knowing.

Failing to cover outdoor faucets.

Preventing your pipes from bursting inside is one thing, and winterizing your outdoor water supply is another. An inexpensive faucet cover will prevent your outdoor faucets from freezing and sending cold air into your home.

Closing your curtains.

If it’s sunny, leave your curtain open to get some warmth in your house and give your thermostat a break. Close them once the sun goes down but take advantage of the natural warmth of the sun (even on a cold day) to reduce your energy consumption costs.

Not taking down icicles.

Icicles can be a sign of a bigger problem known as an ice dam, which occurs when snow and ice build-up inside the gutter and overflow, thereby blocking water from draining off the roof. Ice dams can lead to interior leaks and roof damage—all of which are costly to fix.

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