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What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor liability insurance, sometimes known as Dram Shop Insurance, covers owners should there be any property or personal damages due to the actions of an intoxicated individual after they were served by your business. As a business serving alcohol, you’re on the hook for overserving but that can sometimes be difficult to evaluate. What is someone bought drinks for someone else? What if an intoxicated customer got into a fight with another person? Don’t let a small mistake put you in the hot seat. Get your liquor liability insurance policy today to protect your business from mishaps.

Who is Eligible for Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor liability insurance is a good idea for anyone who sells or distributes alcohol.

  • Liquor store owners: If you are the owner of a liquor store, you absolutely need coverage in case of any damage, personal liability, or problems with customers.
  • Businesses selling food and beverages: You might be a restaurant, food truck operator, caterer, special event venue, bar, or any other establishment that serves alcohol. If you serve alcohol, you need coverage.
  • Distributors: If you distribute alcohol to liquor stores, groceries, restaurants, or any other establishment, you need liquor liability insurance.
  • Retailers: Retailers engaging in the sale of liquor of any kind need to have liquor liability insurance. Even if you sell alcohol online, you need coverage.

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Why Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance is important for anyone who sells alcohol. Statista reports that the alcohol market is worth $248 billion. High sales are great for business, but alcohol can create risk with customers who are under the influence and the last thing you need is additional costs related to your customer’s poor judgement.

  • One-third of all car crashes in the US involve alcohol, costing approximately $44 billion annually.
  • Approximately 140,000 people die from alcohol each year.
  • There are approximately 1.4 million incidents of alcohol-related violence against others each year.


These are risks that anyone selling alcohol can’t ignore. Although you likely have a general liability policy, liquor liability can help to cover you where your general coverage cannot. Typically, general liability will cover things such as loss, theft, employee error, weather-related damage, and more. But it will not cover any damage or lawsuits due to intoxicated individuals. Liquor liability insurance can protect you in the event of the following.

  • Assault or personal damage due to physical aggression from an intoxicated customer.
  • Litigation related to drunk driving.
  • Property damage caused by a customer under the influence of alcohol.

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How Much Does Liquor Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of a liquor liability insurance policy can vary depending on several factors.

  • Location: Where you’re located influences the price of insurance policies. Areas with higher risk or cost of living might be affected by higher policy rates.

  • General coverage: Depending on your general liability business coverage, you may need to adjust your policy to add coverage that isn’t included.

  • Type of venue: Your risk factors are different depending on whether you are a liquor store owner, restaurant, other food operator, or distributor.

  • Risk: Businesses that are determined to have high risk factors, such as high crime may be subject to higher rates.

  • Amount of alcohol sold: The percentage of alcohol sales in relation to your overall sales affects the price of your policy.

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Benefits of Liquor Liability Insurance

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