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What is Convenience Store Insurance?

Convenience store insurance includes policies designed to cover gas stations and other small businesses. Although you may have a business owner’s policy, convenience store insurance can provide additional coverage to make sure you’re protected from the risks posed by customers and employees. Convenience store insurance extends the coverage you may have under your business owner’s policy and keeps you covered in the event that employees or customers cause damage to your business, themselves, or one another.


Who is Eligible for Convenience Store Insurance?

Convenience store insurance covers small food retail businesses, including the following.

  • Small or large convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Kiosks
  • Food markets
  • Corner stores
  • General stores

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Why Do I Need Convenience Store Insurance?

Owning and operating a convenience store comes with risks. You know that accidents happen and unexpected incidents can cause a whole lot of headache and more than a fair share of inconvenience. With convenience store insurance, you get the support you need to manage claims and protection against liability from the actions of others while in your store.

Statistics show that convenience stores and gas stations are fourth in line for violent crime and more than half of shoplifters regularly steal from these businesses. Add employee theft, customer fights, workplace accidents, and potential damage to property and you find yourself with a significant amount of risk. Gas station insurance can help to eliminate the legal and financial risk associated with these situations and keep your business up and running.

Convenience store insurance covers you where your business owner’s policy doesn’t. Policies cover incidents such as

  • Workers’ compensation: Assistance with medical costs in the event of employee injury.
  • Legal fees: Covers litigation costs associated with any injury, employee dishonesty, robbery, or theft.
  • Liability related to products: Covers costs associated with foodborne issues or problems stemming from selling a product in your store.
  • Property damage: Any costs associated with customer or employee disturbances.

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How Much Does Convenience Store Insurance Cost?


Multiple factors influence the cost of gas station insurance.


  • Location: Your location impacts the price of a convenience store policy due to higher costs of living or any risk associated with the area.

  • Size: The size of your building is another factor because larger stores will require greater coverage to protect all assets.

  • Number of employees: Policy prices take the number of employees you have into account also to ensure all your workers are covered.

  • Age and condition of your building: Older buildings may come with high risk and could impact the cost of your convenience store insurance policy.

  • What you’re selling: Some retail items come with higher risk, such as the ability to sell alcohol or vaping products.
  • Any known risks: If you have a high level of risk for any reason, this could affect the pricing of your policy.

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Benefits of Convenience Store Insurance

Quick Coverage

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Enhanced Employee and Consumer Trust

Employees and customers have greater trust in your establishment and rest easy knowing the unexpected is covered.

Customized Options

Preferred will find multiple options and customize your policy to the unique needs of your business.

Coverage At All Times

Regardless of where and what happens, Preferred is there to help you every step of the way.

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