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What is Contractor’s General Liability Insurance?

Contractor’s liability insurance covers your tools and equipment, while also protecting your employees from any injury or damage that occurs on a job. If you need coverage from accidents to property or employees on the job, you’ll get it with contractor insurance. A policy will ensure you are protected against risk from theft or damage, while keeping your customers and employees protected. Contractor’s insurance is just smart business.

Who is Eligible for a Contractor Insurance Policy?

Don’t get caught up in the “it won’t happen to me” or “I’ve always got eyes on my gear” mentality. Your tools keep you in business and you need to be covered in case the worst or unexpected happens. You need a Contractor Insurance Policy if you fall into any of these categories.
  • General 
  • HVAC 
  • Roofing 
  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Landscape
  • Pool & Spa

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Why Do I Need Contractor’s Insurance?

We want you to be ready for your best, that’s why we plan for your worst. You may go years without an incident, only to have all your equipment stolen or destroyed by inclement weather. You might be incident free for even longer. But eventually, you are likely to encounter a problem on the job. You need contractor’s insurance so you don’t have to plan for the what-ifs. 

We have seen a spike in construction theft in recent years. There were more than 11,000 burglaries on construction sites in 2021 alone with a possible yearly loss of up to $1 billion. Of those, less than 25% of tools and equipment is ever recovered. Add possible weather events, employee loss, and broken tools to the mix and your chances of losing work skyrocket. In 2021 alone, workers experienced more than 21,000 nonfatal workplace injuries. With U.S. construction spending valued at nearly $2 trillion, it’s important that you do what it takes to stay in business.

Contractor’s insurance gives you the peace of mind to ensure your business and equipment are protected in any event.

Looking for help? Our agents can help you find what you’re looking for.

Contractor’s Insurance Policy Options

General Liability Insurance

  • Constructor’s General Liability insurance is a policy that covers any damage to property or people from your construction business, excluding employees.
  • Professional Liability/Artisan Contractor Liability Insurance
  • If you’re working on people’s homes installing, repairing, creating, or otherwise altering a home or business, this coverage protects you in the event of unexpected error or problem.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • Workers’ Compensation is specifically designed to protect your employees if they’re hurt on the job by covering medical expenses and wage loss.

Commercial Auto Insurance

  • This coverage insures any vehicles used on the job to protect damage to vehicles or materials and supplies contained within. A personal policy does not include work vehicles.

Course of Construction Insurance/Builder’s Risk

  • A larger policy that covers any damage to property under construction that also includes theft or losses related to your on-site equipment. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

  • This policy extends your coverage to keep you protected in a catastrophic loss.


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“I am so happy with PCIA as my insurance agent. I like the fact that even when things got tough for me you always took the time to answer my multiple questions and guide me to avoid pitfalls which in turn has saved me money.”

E. Gutierrez DFW Pro Office Cleaning

“Upon searching for that “competitive edge insurance agency”… I found the staff and management of PCIA to be very responsive and professional, with that extra touch of expedited service and impeccable documentation. They have handled our Commercial Auto and Cargo needs, while still providing the coverage at a fair price. If you’re in search of that “just right fit” for your fleet insurance, then look no further.”


“I just wanted to thank you for your incredible service over the past two years or so with regards to our business’ insurance coverage. You have been far and away the best and most diligent of any carrier we have had over our 36 years in business. Thank you all for your incredible time and attention to the needs of my business. WE look forward to another great year with you.”

L. Lothrop Lothrop’s Landscape, Inc.

How Much is Contractor’s Insurance?

Contractor’s insurance policies vary in price according to your needs. Policies can start below $50/m but can range into thousands based on your needs. Major factors that impact the pricing of contractor’s policies include the following.
  • Size of your business: The number of customers your serve in your business.
  • Company size: The number of full-time, part-time, and contracted employees.
  • Equipment: How many tools and heavy equipment you’ll need coverage. 
  • Incident history: How many accidents, property damage, and equipment losses you’ve had. 
  • Risk: How likely it is for theft, accidents, or damage to occur in your industry.

Benefits of Contractor’s Insurance with Preferred

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  • Preferred will find the policy that fits your budget and needs to ensure you are protecting your equipment and people at all times. 
24/7 Coverage
  • No matter when or where you’re doing business, we’ve got you covered.