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What is Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

Auto repair shop insurance covers mechanic shops in the event of unexpected damages, litigation, workplace injury or theft, or mechanical error. There’s a certain amount of risk you assume when you operate an auto repair shop that spans from managing employees and workplace hazards to repair errors. Modern vehicles are equipped with all kinds of new technology, making repairs more complex than ever before. Add in working with powerful tools and you’ve just increased your risk. Auto repair shop insurance covers you in case of accident, injury, vehicle error, or employee theft.

Who is Eligible for Auto Repair Shop Insurance?

It can be easy to float along and think that you don’t need the coverage. But the unexpected happens to businesses often and you don’t want a single incident to be the one that puts you out of business. You need auto repair shop insurance if you operate in any of these areas.

  •  Auto repair shop: Any business that manages the repair of a vehicle.

  • General mechanic: Anyone charging a fee for vehicle repair should carry mechanic shop insurance in the event of any errors.

  • Auto body shops and collision repair: Even if you’re just fixing body damage, you’ll need coverage in the case of an accident or unforeseen issues.

  • Independent garages: You don’t need to be a chain of businesses with multiple garages to protect yourself.

  • Auto retail dealers: If you sell automotive parts or add-ons for vehicles, you’ll also want to consider an auto repair shop insurance policy to protect against any product deficiencies.

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Why Do I Need Auto Repair Shop Insurance

People need their vehicles. Transportation is essential for our professional and personal lives, whether that involves getting busy families to soccer practice or making sure workers arrive at work on time. Operating an auto repair shop comes with risk on many levels. That could involve injury during repair, employee theft, inaccurate fixes or additional damage that occurs during repair, litigation costs against your business, as well as any tricky situations that arise during the repair process. General business owner’s policies typically do not cover these situations, requiring additional policy options.

More than 14.5 million cars were sold in 2020 so we know you aren’t short on business. In fact, the auto repair industry was valued at over $76 billion in 2022. Also in 2020, more than 9,000 nonfatal injuries were reported by workers in mechanic shops.

With so much work coming your way and the level of risk you’re assuming, you need to leave the insurance to the pros and focus on keeping your customers happy and your employees safe.

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How Much Does Auto Repair Shop Insurance Cost

The cost of an auto repair shop insurance policy can vary depending on a few key factors.

  • Level of risk: Your rates can be affected by the level of risk your employees are assuming. Implementing safety protocols, ensuring safe usage of tools, and eliminating hazardous conditions can all help to keep your rates affordable.

  • Amount of other coverage: You likely have a business owner’s policy providing some basic coverage. Your rates could be impacted depending on the level of coverage you already have.

  • Size of your business: Your auto repair shop insurance policy will correspond to the amount of assets and employees you have. The more you have, the more coverage you will need.

  • History of claims: If you have a significant claims history, insurance companies will assume higher risk, and that will influence the cost of your rates.

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Benefits of Auto Repair Shop Insurance

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